ACC 100 Quiz Chapter 9
Multiple Choice Question 72

The allowance method of accounting for uncollectible accounts is required if

the company is a retailer.
bad debts are significant in amount.
the company charges interest on accounts receivable.
the company makes any credit sales.

Multiple Choice Question 164

The interest rate specified on any note is for a


Multiple Choice Question 166

The entry to record the dishonor of a note receivable assuming the payee expects eventual collection includes a debit to

Allowance for Doubtful Accounts.
Accounts Receivable.
Notes Receivable.

Multiple Choice Question 43

The term "receivables" refers to

amounts due from individuals or companies.
merchandise to be collected here from individuals or companies.
cash to be ACC 100 WEEK 10 QUIZ CHAPTER 9 paid to creditors.
cash to be paid to debtors.

Multiple Choice Question 67

An alternative name for Bad Debt Expense is

Credit Loss Expense.
Deadbeat Expense.
Uncollectible Accounts Expense.
Collection Expense.

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